Welcome to the TICA Northwest Region

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The Northwest Region of The International Cat Association includes Alaska, Idaho, Oregon Montana, Washington and Wyoming, In Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, N.W. Territory, and Yukon.

If you are interested in showing in the Northwest Region, please visit our Show Calendar. If you are new to showing and would like to see how the scoring and judging is done, please visit our Scoring and Guides section. If you would like to join one of our great Northwest clubs, please visit the club's list.

We also encourage any TICA members who live in the Northwest Region to join the TICA Northwest Group*. Click here to subscribe. You can also follow us on Facebook. For any questions or concerns please contact the Regional Director.

*Formal day-to-day communication and regional polling will take place via the groups.io on-line list. Approximately 72% of the TICA NW members are not on our group list. Members are encouraged to subscribe to stay up-to-date with all the activities in TICA and the region. To subscribe email: ticanorthwest+subscribe@groups.io. The region also has a Facebook page. You are welcome to participate on this on-line social network, but it is NOT the official region communication channel, which is groups.io.


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The 2023 Annual is coming the Northwest !

The Northwest Region will once again be asked to host the TICA Annual in 2023. Any club or club(s) are welcome to put together a proposal to host the event. The proposals must be presented to the TICA Board of Directors on Friday, September 4, 2020 at the Annual in Washington, D.C. Anyone interested in submitting a proposal, please contact our Regional Director.

Become a part of the New Northwest Team !

The New Year is upon us and with the New Year, comes new content! Our new Regional Director, Elaine Hawksworth Weitz, has hit the ground running and has defined for the region, a host of volunteer opportunities. Check out the positions that the Northwest Region has to offer. If interested, please fill out our online form or contact Elaine directly.

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