2017-18 TICA Northwest Regional Sponsorships
Greetings Northwest Exhibitors and Friends of the Northwest! It's time for Award Sponsorships! We were going to try something new, but you all spoke up and we're doing it like we did before. It's 9/13/18 and I'm nearly caught up on putting the sponsorship pages together. Please use the paypal buttons provided. Use CAN or US, please don't try to use both. Add your sponsorships to your cart and check out, very easy. You will be recognized for your contribution in the awards booklet, in the awards presentation, and on the website.
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If you do not have access to PayPal, you can use the button to use your credit card as well. But you can do a transfer using Zelle directly from your bank to TICANWTreasurer@gmail.com OR you can send a check in US Funds made out to TICA NW Region:
Laura Holland
2002 Jackson Ave
Everett, WA 98203

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