RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
2010-11Best of Breed ~ Siberian
Breed Awards Sponsored by Frosty Forest Siberians
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Best Cat

 CH Nevasmystery Coby of FrostyForest
Seal (Lynx) Tabby Point Male

Owner: Margarethe Merritt
2nd Best Cat

CH Bigskykatz Taisias Gold
Blue Mackerel Torbie with White Female

Owner: Melodye Porteous
3rd Best Cat

CH Kalinka Sariola of Skymountain
Blue Mackerel Torbie Bicolor Female
Owner: Lisa Baenen
Best Kitten

Meedermews Duchess Denisova
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie with White Female

Owner: Melodye Porteous
2nd Best Kitten

Snowykitten Melanie
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby

Owner: Dalia and Marcela Hatalova
Best Alter

Strekoza Cosmonaut Ilyushin
Brown (Black) ClassicTabby with White

Owner: Daphne and Philip Brindle
2nd Best Alter

CHA Kendercat Zoya of Bigskykatz
Blue Mackerel Tabby Female

Owner: Melodye Porteous
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